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Founded in 2001 and an affiliate of the Kansas Space Grant Consortium since 2003, Ad Astra Kansas is an information resource focusing on high-tech and space research in the state of Kansas.

The Science Festival Alliance has awarded the partnership of the Ad Astra Kansas
Foundation, the Visit Topeka! and 712 Innovations organizations up to $10,000
in matching funds to expand science festival learning in Topeka in 2017!
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Ad Astra Kansas Day celebration Oct. 15 was huge success.

K-State demonstration of fiber optics

Northeast Kansas Amateur
Astronomists League demonstration


Science in Kansas, 150 years and counting

The Ad Astra Kansas Initiative is sponsoring a project for the Kansas Sesquicentennial; Science in Kansas: 150 Years and Counting. 

We have created a series of "trading cards" highlighting Kansas scientists of accomplishment with the goal of inspiring young Kansans to go into STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields.  

The final set of trading cards are available now!! To download all the trading cards click here.


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New Horizons spacecraft
passes near Pluto

Pluto, the mysterious planet discovered in 1930 by Kansan Clyde Tombaugh, got a little less mysterious last summer when the New Horizons spacecraft took this picture

Free materials available
for educational project

you can be one!

  Kansas scientists inspiring            Kansas Kids

Educational activity information

2009-2010 scientists:

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Monarchs In Space

FHSU/Cosmosphere Repository of Space Exploration

 Kansas Space Initiative Meeting
November 20, 2008

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